What is 4all

4all rises from the big dream of positively transforming the daily journey of all people through excellence products and services that generate value in the digital context. Aiming that, we have established a tech hub that develops and invests in digital transformation focused startups. Those being gathered in the same environment and connected to our Investment Venture and partners, the outcome is an ecosystem effect that enhances collaboration, new ideas and relevant connections for our projects success.


None of it would be possible without the amazing people who are part of our hub. We encourage the entrepreneurial employee profile, the one who is resilient and dedicated to the team and our goals. We value the turning coefficient as much as the curriculum, in what we call the ‚Äúlet‚Äôs do it together‚ÄĚ style. Innovation for us is deconstructing old ideas, doing better, doing before and doing different than others.


This is 4all, an initiative that challenges the business logic willing to transform people’s life.

Platform Business pioneer

4all is the only brazilian hub which is a specialist in platforms, the business model used by big techs such as Amazon, Facebook, AirBnB and Google. This is a winning business logic in the digital context, gathering the concepts of non frictional payment systems, marketplaces and customer knowledge through ultra segmented data intelligence. A personalized product presentation, delivering the right product, in the right time, to whoever wants it.


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José Renato Hopf

CEO and cofounder at 4all

Graduated in Business Administration at PUCRS, with a specialization in Information and Telecommunications System at UFRGS and an MBA in Business Management at FGV. With a 25 year experience in the technology and financial market. Started his career at Banrisul, then founded GetNet, challenging the two national giants in the electronic payments market, Visanet (currently Cielo) and Redecard (Rede). Founded 4all in 2015, a technology company determined to transform people's experience in the digital world.


Ricardo Galho

Cofounder and Head of Platform at 4all

With over 15 years of experience in areas such as product development, sales and payments innovation, he co-founded 4all in 2015. Graduated in Computer Science at Universidade Católica de Pelotas, with an MBA in PMI and Project Management at Fundação Dom Cabral. Was Head of Innovation at GetNet and co-founded startups such as CodeWalker and Uhuu. Member of Gartner CIO executive program (Hardware, Software, Sourcing and Innovation). Acquired experience in the startups ecosystem while participating in hackathons as a speaker, mentor and judge.


Matheus Bernardes

Strategic Planning Specialist at 4all

Graduated in Business Administration at UFRGS. Passionate about the r(evolution) of companies and ideas. With experience in management, strategy, marketing, governance and investment. Has a background of +40 accelerated and post accelerated startups.


Samantha Carvalho

Head of Marketing at 4all

Graduated in Journalism, postgraduate in Business Management and specialist in UX Design. Was one of the national pioneers when founding Queen Mob, a digital agency 100% focused on mobility projects. Was an executive at Netco Sports (France) and Smartmove (Portugal) in Brazil, leading projects for major football clubs such as Palmeiras, Santos, Botafogo and Boca Juniors. Since 2012, is responsible for the discipline of Mobile Marketing in the postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at ESPM.


Thiago Ribeiro

Business Development and Relationship

Graduated in Journalism, with specialization in Marketing and master in Computer Science. Passionate about technology and innovation and a social network enthusiast. Challenged to seek innovative solutions that potencialize communication in an increasingly connected world. Was the leader of Porto Alegre’s Open Data project: a pioneering initiative that aimed to make the city more connected, intelligent, transparent and innovative. Responsible for discussing and implementing the legal aspects that guarantee the sustainability of this work.


Versione Mauro J√ļnior

CEO at Phi

Graduated in Business Administration, with an MBA in Business Management, has over 20 years of experience in services, retail and consumer goods markets. Was enrolled in big companies such as Mesbla, Ambev, Vivo, Getnet, Claro and Opus Produ√ß√Ķes.


Gustavo Schifino


Among the main national speakers in digital era consumer behaviour. Was the CEO of Pier X, the first multi experience phygital marketplace in Latin America, besides being a specialist in retail and franchising. Has been the president of ABF’s (Brazilian Franchising Association) ethics board, president of SCPC/CDL POA and business board member. Former IBCG, curated international missions in Websummit (Lisboa) and NRF (NYC). Mentor at Endeavor and Fábrica do Futuro.


Rafael Lemos

CEO at Uhuu

Has a 25 year experience in showbusiness. Was the business representative behind the careers of Papas da L√≠ngua, Chimarruts e Armandinho, with over 30 CDs and DVDs produced in Brazil and abroad, besides hundreds of events. Founder of TW Carangacci Produ√ß√Ķes and Differente Comunica√ß√£o.


Diego Fabris

CEO and Partner at Share Eat and Wine Locals

Graduated in Advertising at PUC-RS, with an MBA in Marketing at ESPM. Was the founder, partner and content director at Destemperados, a gastronomic experiences multiplatform. Also worked in planning at Agência Escala for 4 years, with clients such as Vivo, Grendene, John Deere and Unisinos.


Jorge Ferreira

CEO at Ground

Graduated in Financial Management, has been working in the business fileld for 30 years. Comes from the Insurance market, in which he worked in one of the largest insurance companies. Was part of the team that developed GetNet and has been at 4all since the beginning of 2017. Here, has led mobility and parking projects, worked at Phi and led the ‚ÄúGr√™mio Mais‚ÄĚ project. Since october 2019, has been in charge of Ground.


Paulo Esteves

CEO at Pling

Lawyer and entrepreneur. Has been a technology entrepreneur for over 15 years. Was the founder of PROMAD, a segment national leader digital transformation company for lawyers. Is the current CEO of Pling, a digital transformation company focused on healthcare professionals, which aims to become a national leader in the segment and acquire a relevant international presence. Believes in the power of happiness as a driver of the world's transformation.

Porto Alegre - RS

Av. Ipiranga, N¬ļ 6681

Prédio 95A - Tecnopuc


S√£o Paulo - SP

Alameda Vicente Pinzon, 54

Vila Olímpia


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